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AliasMultiplier is a simple program that creates single aliases that can open more programs, documents, folders or web pages! Using AliasMultiplier is very simple: just drag items you want the alias to open over the application icon, then click Save and... "There's not step three!".
AliasMultiplier has also other features, for example you can easily modify aliases or edit the launch-order of an AliasMultiplier's alias. AliasMultiplier's aliases are named Multi-Aliases. And it does all without installing System Extensions or Control Panels!

Possible Uses
•Open all your internet applications at once.
•Open all files you need to use a document on your Mac, like libraries, etc..
•Load custom RAM disks for use with special apps, like browsers for their cache, etc..
•Drinking a cup of coffee while your Mac does more things at once!

This is legacy software and is not supported by Zik Software anymore, you can get it from our legacy downloads page.

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