Album Express

Album Express (formerly Picture Assembler) is a scrapbooking platform on steroids. Using a nondestructive graphics engine, it allows you to create brochures and small publications and export them as high resolution images in whatever format you like, as it takes advantage of QuickTime to export files.
Nondestructive editing allows you to make changes to objects without overwriting the original data, which remains available in case you want to revert to it. Because nondestructive editing doesn’t remove data from an image, the image quality doesn’t degrade when you make edits.
Also, the multiprocessing rendering takes full advantage of multi-core processors and multi-processor machines, resulting in a fast export of complex projects with lots of pages.
Main features:
  • Runs on Mac OS X and Windows
  • Nondestructive Graphics Engine
  • Multiprocessing Rendering
  • RAW Support
  • Color Managament
  • Multiple Pages
  • Multiple Undos
  • Work smoothly at very high resolutions
  • Use layers, shadows, transparency, guides, rulers, alignment and spacing tools
  • Resize, crop and rotate objects
  • Built-in features to adjust color correction, brightness, contrast, saturation and tint
  • Apply blending effects and filters to images such as sepia and blur
  • Load your own libraries of photos, masks, frames, cliparts and backgrounds
  • Save your pages as templates for later reuse
  • QuickTime libraries for best image formats compatibility, both for input and output
  • PDF Export
  • Human readable XML file format
  • Share your project, exporting a zipped version of your document that includes linked images

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