Under the hood

After a week of posting new contents, this week I concentrated on improving and refining various aspects of the site, from code to contents and pages layout.
I also added addThis buttons to easily share pages, redesigned the “stay in touch” page (also adding social networks) and made many other small improvements. In the next week, the plan is to add new content again.

Day by day…

…development goes on here at Zik Software.

In the last few days, I made some improvements to the CSS, added RSS Feed and a page to subscribe ZikNews newsletter, and also added portfolio pages for PrefsOverload, AliasMultiplier, iLink and SprintDVD.

I plan to remove this development blog within a month. Maybe I’ll set up another blog or I will simply replace this page with a real home page.

1. 2. 3. Check.

Appearently, that’s the first post of this blog. :)

As you see, after years of “hidden” custom development works, I decided to give a refresh to the Zik Software website.

The site is still under development, but I decided to get it online anyway, mainly to help me find the courage to complete it.

Any new software coming out? There are some projects on the pipeline, but I can’t promise anything, since I’m also studying for my last exam of the master’s degree in computer science and, at the same time, I have two ongoing custom dev projects.

By the way, I currently have an announcement, in addition to the new website: I decided to give away my old software for free!! The shareware on this site hasn’t been updated for years, since I put quite all of my efforts on custom development. So the apps became outdated and often do not work with modern Mac OS X. As a vintage computing passionate, I thought they could still be useful for people using old hardware and I decided to give them for free. Hence I’ve set up a page with download links and unlock serial numbers for all of my old software. You can find it here.

As I finish writing this post, I notice that this is the second time that I inaugurate my website on February 3: were I mystic, I could think that’s not a coincidence…